Without Doing More Work or Feeling Salesy


In this free 30 minute training I run through the EXACT process that helped my client to take an average project from £500 to £5000. 

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If You're An Established Freelancer or small agency, you've probably had nightmare clients.

The ones that constantly question your fees, treat you like a creative monkey or want hundreds of amends...

This 30 minute free training, reveals the ONE MISTAKE that is causing you to attract those clients!

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Running a freelance business isn't easy, especially in these uncertain times. Clients are more cautious about spending money and creative services seem to be on the "nice to have" list.

In this training I'm going to walk you through the exact process that has helped freelancers and small agencies to find and attract higher value clients. The ones that pay what you ask and treat you with respect.

This isn't just theory, it has been tried and tested (even during a global pandemic) with remarkable results.  

What will you learn?

>   The Secret To Getting High Paid Clients That Value Your Work

>   The One Thing That Is Causing You To Attract The Wrong Clients

>   A Predictable Process That All Clients Go Through When Deciding Who To Work With

>   How To Go From Being A "Worker" To A "Partner"

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Read the Reviews

Nadine Burzler

Content Marketing Consultant

Matt is a very articulate and experienced professional who helps freelancers and small agencies find and attract their dream clients. I attended one of his workshops and found the information he shared to be invaluable, especially since he packages up his knowledge in an accessible, actionable, and practical way.

Daniel Pomlett

Graphic Designer

I attended one of Matt's workshops and found him to be insightful and enlightening. As a freelancer it was a great use of my time, arming me with more knowledge about the challenges I face with my own business and the inspiration to meet them head on. Highly recommended.

James Cowan

Graphic Designer

In the space of a lunch break I came away feeling refreshed, determined and confident that these simple tips would not only lead to more clients, but give me peace of mind where I had previously been snowed under trying to do too many things at once.

I advise each and every one of you to give Matt a try, his workshop is great, and he offers a good set of services to take your business even further with one to one support, thank you Matt

Jennifer Lee O'Brien


Matt is obviously great at what he does; his extensive experience and tailored approach as a business coach holds a lot of value for freelancers and small agencies, especially in the creative industries.

I really recommend getting involved in his workshops and trying out a one-to-one session! The Facebook group is also a great resource for anyone trying to navigate what is a stressful time for so many of us

Who is Matt Essam?

Matt is a best selling author, speaker and coach. 

Having worked in the creative industries for over 12 years within big agencies as well as running his own freelance business, he realised that being successful is about more than just adding bigger projects to your portfolio.

In 2015 a series of unexpected events changed his perspective on life and he decided that it was time to find some meaning and purpose in his work. With the support from some of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs and business mentors, Matt developed a framework that he now uses to help established freelancers and small agencies to grow their business by finding work that is both creatively fulfilling and financially rewarding.